Zeya 0.1

Zeya is a streaming music server that supports an HTML 5 (draft standard) based player.

Motto: bring your music anywhere

I'm pleased to announce the first numbered release of Zeya, version 0.1.

Notable new features:

  • Support for the directory backend, which scans a directory recursively and serves up all the music in it. Invoke with
      zeya.py --backend=dir --path=/path/to/music
  • Experimental support for Google Chrome clients. Zeya plays music in Chrome. Latency is still poor and advance-to-next-track is broken for the time being. Read the README for the gory details.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for play controls: j, k, and SPC.

Visit http://web.psung.name/zeya/ for more information, and read the previous blog post on Zeya for a bit more context.


  1. zeya doesn't support sub directory?

  2. The directory backend should descend into subdirectories.

  3. I got segmentation fault, when descend into subdirectories

  4. Sorry about the inconvenience. I would be much obliged if you could email me a stacktrace and/or any information you think might be relevant. Thanks!

  5. Phil... I found files other than mp3, ogg and flac.. like jpg, avi etc .. on my directories/subdirectories. This may cause segmentation fault.

    Thanks for your responses.

  6. Thanks for the report-- that is indeed a problem I should fix, and I will look into it. Did Python print any sort of stacktrace when Zeya crashed?