2009 in Review (belated)

Well, better late than never, I suppose.

Things in software/computing that were new for me last year:

  • I started writing Zeya, at first just to scratch an itch. I was surprised by the response to it.
  • My day job is now mostly writing Java. I'm more comfortable with more dynamic languages but there are quite a few things I like about Java. More about this later.
  • Switched to Google Chrome. It's blazing fast.
  • Started using Google Wave for a few things. It's still in a state of major flux and a lot of issues are still being ironed out, but I really like it. No other discussion tool I've ever used matches Wave in immediacy while scaling up to support readable and usable conversations that contain up to hundreds of contributors. In many scenarios I think having people on a Wave can make them more productive than if you could put them in a room together.

These were the most popular blog posts I wrote last year:

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