Zeya 0.4

I'm pleased to announce the 0.4 release of Zeya. Zeya is a web server that lets you listen to your music collection, from anywhere, using nothing more than Firefox or Google Chrome.

Major changes since Zeya 0.3:

  • Gapless playback. This feature works with varying degrees of success on various browsers; I recommend Firefox 3.6. Firefox 3.6 > Google Chrome 4.x > Firefox 3.5.
  • "Shuffle" feature. (Thanks to Amit Saha)
  • "Repeat playlist" feature.
  • New playlist backend, which serves all the songs specified in an M3U playlist. (Amit Saha)
  • A sample Upstart script, which shows how to run Zeya at startup on Upstart-based systems, such as Ubuntu 9.10/Karmic and later. (Amit Saha)
  • Turned on traffic shaping for Google Chrome clients, so streaming doesn't hose low-bandwidth connections.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements to the listening experience.

Zeya has also now been packaged for Ubuntu! (More precisely, the Debian package has been synced to Ubuntu Lucid.) On Debian testing or unstable and Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid, install the zeya package:

# apt-get install zeya

(It may be several more days before 0.4 appears in Debian testing or Ubuntu.)

See http://web.psung.name/zeya/ for more information about Zeya, installation, getting started, reporting bugs, and development.

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  1. Great work! This application is exactly what I was looking for. Simple, easy to install, config, and use and a clean, elegant interface.