Zeya 0.6

I'm pleased to announce the (long overdue…) release of Zeya 0.6.

This release contains only bug fixes and minor changes that help Zeya to "just work" under a wider variety of circumstances.

Major changes since Zeya 0.5:

  • The 'dir' backend works with Python 2.5 again. (Thanks to Greg Grossmeier)
  • Broken symlinks are detected and ignored. (Thanks to Etienne Millon)
  • Unreadable playlist files are detected and ignored.
  • The 'dir' backend sorts files case-insensitively. (Thanks to Greg Grossmeier)
  • Zeya no longer leaks file handles under certain circumstances. (Thanks to Pior Bastida)
  • The frontend uses relative paths to resources, so Zeya can be run behind a reverse proxy out of the box, e.g. at http://yourhostname/path/to/zeya (Thanks to Jérôme Charaoui)

See http://web.psung.name/zeya/ to learn more about Zeya, installation, getting started, reporting bugs, and development.


  1. Hi, I've got zeya installed on my nas which is working fine with "proper" browsers like firefox/chrome etc, but having trouble accessing via safari from all iOS devices, just wondering if they are supported at all ?

  2. Not at this time, as Safari doesn't play Vorbis natively.

  3. I love Zeya. its a perfect idea. keep on!

  4. Is it possible to implement a button or a system for an automatic refresh of the library ?
    Actually, I kill the process and relaunch zeya.