Zeya 0.2

Zeya is a music server that streams your music collection to any computer, phone, television, picture frame, or refrigerator that has a current-generation web browser. The client part uses the <audio> tag in the HTML5 draft spec, so it runs right in the browser— without Flash or Silverlight and without the need to install any extra software at the client.

I'm pleased to announce the 0.2 release of Zeya.

New since Zeya 0.1:

  • Support for Internet Explorer (via Google's Chrome Frame plugin). IE joins Firefox and Chrome in the list of supported browsers.
  • A new console frontend (more below)
  • Numerous UI improvements, both substantive and cosmetic
  • A unit test suite

There are many bug fixes, the most notable being:

  • Filenames with non-ASCII characters can be read and served correctly.
  • Files that are not in a decodable format are hidden entirely from the user.
  • Zeya should actually work in Python 2.5 as advertised.

Known issues:

  • 64-bit GNU/Linux builds of the Google Chrome dev channel are undergoing some codec turbulence. Use either the 64-bit Chromium builds or 32-bit builds of Chrome or Chromium instead.

The new console frontend, zeyaclient.py, is a simple (read: primitive) app that connects to a Zeya server and prompts for songs to play. This is handy if you are using a computer that doesn't have a supported web browser (but on which you can run Python scripts). The Sugar OS on the XO-1 is one such setup, so I'm now using my XO, which is connected to a hi-fi set, as a jukebox for my living room.

I've also been using Zeya more frequently to listen to music (from my home computer) at work. It's much more satisfying than internet radio.

Visit http://web.psung.name/zeya/ for more information, or read previous blog posts on Zeya.


  1. Thank you, this program is a really good idea.

    It could turn out to be a very powerful player... would be nice if it had costumizable CSS layout (ala skins), and playlist support.

    This has a lot of potential! it could even integrate with some online services (lyric searchers, wikipedia information, etc) and could turn out to be like Songbird only better! really exciting proyect.

    Of course I understand that this is not likely to happen in the short term for a hobby proyect, but I think your idea is great.

  2. Will it play on my cell phone, with opera mini browser? what about android or iPhone? It's pretty cool!!!

  3. @Ferk: thanks! Those are some good ideas. At this point my focus is on making a good read-only frontend. In that respect Zeya is a lot more like Gnump3d or Ampache. The idea of having something like Songbird as a web service (and all the extension possibilities that raises) is pretty intriguing though.

    @Anonymous: seems somewhat unlikely to me that Opera Mini will work. Android browser and mobile Safari probably work, but I haven't tested either myself.

  4. You're missing some dependencies. On first launch it couldn't find tagpy.

    Trying to install it on a Qnap NAS 109-II, so far I've had to do :

    * ipkg install vorbis-tools
    * ipkg install mpg123
    * ipkg install python26

  5. @Anonymous: sorry about that. These are all documented in the README in the repo; I should mention that fact in the Quick Start.