Zeya 0.3

I'm pleased to announce the 0.3 release of Zeya. Zeya is a music player that runs in your (HTML5 draft standard-compliant) web browser, giving you streaming access to your music collection from pretty much anywhere.

Romain Francoise has generously packaged Zeya for Debian. Debian "testing" (squeeze) users can now install Zeya as follows:

# apt-get install zeya

(Zeya 0.2 is in Debian "testing" at present; Zeya 0.3 will be in "unstable" shortly and in "testing" after the requisite testing period.)

Many significant changes have been made since Zeya 0.2:

  • You can filter your music collection by title, artist, or album with Zeya's new search functionality. (Thanks to Romain Francoise)
  • Zeya implements traffic shaping for Firefox clients, to keep from hosing low-bandwidth network links.
  • Zeya supports password protecting your music collection with Basic HTTP authentication, configurable with --basic_auth_file. (Thanks to Samson Yeung)
  • The default backend is now dir (read all music within a directory) instead of rhythmbox.
  • Initial load time is significantly improved, as Zeya now compresses output data when appropriate. This yields a 3-7x decrease in transfer size. (Romain Francoise)
  • The target output bitrate can be set with --bitrate. (Romain Francoise)
  • Zeya does a better job of guessing reasonable metadata when the ID3 tags are missing. (Samson Yeung)
  • Zeya listens on IPv6 interfaces by default. (Romain Francoise)
  • Zeya is multithreaded for improved parallelism.
  • zeyaclient.py supports skipping to the next song (with C-c) and jumping back to the query prompt (with C-c C-c).
  • Zeya decodes MP3s using mpg123 instead of mpg321, for some performance improvements.
  • An online guide to the keyboard shortcuts has been added (click "Help" at the bottom or press ?).

Many bug fixes and UI improvements have also been made.

Known issues:

  • zeyaclient has not yet been updated to support basic HTTP authentication.

You can obtain Zeya via git:

git clone http://web.psung.name/git/zeya.git

As I mentioned above, Zeya is also packaged for Debian.

See http://web.psung.name/zeya/ for more information, including a quick start guide. We'd appreciate hearing any problem reports on our new bug tracker or via Debian's bug tracker.

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  1. Great software, thanks!
    A good improvement would be the posibility to create playlists.